Administration & Divisions


Manages internal and external communication, marketing, education, and outreach.

Executive Office

Acts as liaison between the executive and corporate staff in accordance with established policies and is responsible for the overall operation of the corporation.

Financial Resources

Responsible for financial services including budgeting and accounting, strategic planning, purchasing and contracting, payroll and voucher processing, and all revenue collection.

Human Resources

Supports achievement of the corporation’s mission through services to attract and retain a highly skilled and diverse workforce.

Information Technology

Ensures that each employee has access to the technology resources necessary to accomplish our shared mission.


Provides sustainable planning, design, construction and support services to enable corporate staff to perform their duties in an effective and efficient manner whilst providing a meaningful work experience.


Provides legal advice and assistance to staff regarding matters within the corporation’s authority, such as inter-provincial operations, notarial and commissioner for oaths services, employment law, and commercial law.

Support Resources

Provides company-wide support for risk management, safety, sustainability, records management, and corporate policy and procedures.