Commissioners for Oaths

Commissioner for Oaths Services

Kucher Services Corporation is happy to provide commissioner for oaths services. Each weekday, we assist several clients with this service. Our goal is to provide timely, effective and reasonably priced services to each of your clients.

What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

A commissioner for oaths is an individual who is authorised under the Notaries and Commissioners Act.  These positions are regulated by the Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General. They must be at least 18 years of age and a Canadian citizen (or permanent resident) who lives in Alberta. Obviously, the individual requires appointment as a commissioner for oaths by the Province of Alberta. In some instances, the Province deems them to be one by virtue of one of the designated persons listed in the Act.

What Does a Commissioner for Oaths Do?

Simply put, a commissioner for oaths administers oaths. This means that they can receive or take declarations, statutory declarations, affidavits or affirmations to be used in Alberta. This is not the same position as a notary public.

How a Commissioner Differs From a Notary

We have more information on the differences between a notary and commissioner here. Many differences between the two positions exist. For example, these are a few of the key differences:

• It is easier to become a Commissioner than a Notary;
• More positions, such as judges, police officers and political positions may act as a commissioner; and
• Only a notary can certify and attest to a document being a certified true copy.