Certified True Copies

Certified true copies of a document are exact copies that have been certified by a lawyer notary public to be exact copies. A certified true copy should stand in the place of an original in many situations. Sometimes this process is called document notarisation or certified notarisation. Occasionally it is referred to as document verification or document validation. This power comes from the Notaries and Commissioners Act of Alberta. Commissioners for Oaths cannot certify copies.

Why Do You Need a Certified True Copy?

Several reasons exist for requiring a verified copy of an original document. The most common reason that you will need a certified true copy of a document is that you need to send a document to someone but need to keep the original. For instance, a government body or financial institution needs to confirm that you have a document, a degree or a will. Other times a certified copy is made so that the originals do not get lost. For example, in most circumstances, mailing an important document, such as a passport, includes too many risks.

Types of Documents Lawyers or Notaries Certify

Our office offers these services for all documents. Further, as the service is to verify a document only, there is no issue at all if the original document is in a foreign language.

• Degrees;
• Diplomas;
• Transcripts;
• Work Permits;
• Passports;
• Birth Certificates;
• Marriage Certificates;
• Divorce Certificates;
• Death Certificates;
• Wills;
• Police Record Checks; and
• Identification

Do I Need an Original Document to Make a Copy?

Yes, you do. You need an original of the document for which you need a certified copy. We must see the original document when you come in. We can only make a certified copy of a document that we can examine the original of. For instance, if you bring in a photocopy of the document, we cannot make a certified true copy of it as an original. This includes other copies previously certified as it is not an original document. In some instances, an ability exists to order new originals from the office, government or organisation which issues it. Those new originals work for the certification process.

Additional Information

Certified True Copy Information Sheet  |  Download (PDF)