Travel Consent Letters

Notarised Letters Giving Consent to Travel With Kids

Child travel letters are a must if a child is travelling without both parents. This is true even if they are travelling with one parent, a grandparent or anyone else.  Kucher Services Corporation can have your travel letter done same day.

When are child travel letters required?

Parents who are travelling out of the country with their minor (under 18) child or children without both parents should have a child travel letter. Travel letters are required even if the parents are not divorced. Similarly, the travel letter may be required if your child or children are travelling with a non-parent. An example of this is a family friend or grandparent.

What is a travel letter?

Travel letters are usually one page documents that are signed and notarised giving permission for someone to be travelling with a child. They are notarised so that the immigration or customs officer knows that the identification of the person signing the travel letter has been confirmed by an authorised individual. At KSC, we also include a clause that allows the responsible adult travelling with the child to make medical decisions for the child if there is a medical emergency. Some foreign countries require such permission or authorisation for medical decisions.

Why are travel letters important?

Travel letters are important to avoid delays and problems at border crossings and customs both at the Canadian and foreign borders. Without one, you may miss your flight or not be able to travel at all. These letters also allow the parent travelling with the child(ren) to make emergency medical decisions if required, as stated above. This is a must in some emergencies. School field trips outside the country should always have parental consent travel letters from the parents. These notarised consent letters are especially important for school teams.

Travel letters at KSC

We can help with your travel letter needs. While we usually require a day or two to prepare them and set up an appointment to have the non-travelling parent sign them, we do offer same day appointments where needed.

If you have prepared your own travel letter, then we can meet with you to notarise it. Again, it is the non-travelling parent(s) who have to attend and these appointments may be booked the same or next day.

Please note that we offer reduced rates on travel letters if we are preparing them for sporting teams, dance or other competitions or other organised groups.

Additional Information

Travel Consent Letter Information Sheet  |  Download (PDF)