Signing Agents

Why Are Signing Agents Required?

There are a number of situation that require signing agents. These include when documents must be signed in front of a Notary Public. Usually a signing agent’s purpose is to attest to the identity of an individual. They also witness or take an oath (or declaration) of an individual. For example, frequent documents that need signing from outside the province include documents for:

• The sale or purchase of a business;
• Buying, selling or refinancing real estate;
• Financing or loans;
• Probating estates;
• Litigation matters;
• Insurance claims; and
• Governmental forms.

Agents in Other Alberta Cities

Often people have transactions within Alberta. They may need a signing agent within the province to avoid having to travel to that other city. For example, an individual buying a home in Calgary but who lives in Edmonton may use a lawyer or notary in Edmonton to sign the paperwork drafted in Calgary. It is important to note that a lawyer or notary in Alberta may act throughout the province of Alberta; no limits exist for practicing in the different cities or towns within the province.

Out of Province Signing Agents

The most frequent signing agent service we offer is for out of province agency work. This involves situations, transactions or paperwork required in another Canadian province. If the person who must sign the paperwork does not with to (or cannot) travel to that province, then an out of province signing agent allows the individual to sign in their home province. For example, this often occurs when a person buys or sells real estate in a province other than the one they live in. Instead of travelling to sign paperwork, the lawyer or notary in the province in which the property is, prepares all the documents and then sends them for signing in a place convenient for the buyer or seller.

Out of Country Signing Agents

Much like an out of province signing agent, an out of country agent assists in the execution of documents that come from another country. We frequently act in assisting in executing these documents but must stamps the documents noting that they were witnessed or notarised only and no legal advice was sought or given. This is different than authentication as described by the Government of Canada.

The Cost of Hiring a Lawyer or Notary to Execute Documents With You

As with most legal matters, the cost of meeting with a lawyer or notary in these instances varies depending on how many documents require execution. For example, the cost of attending to 5 documents differs from situations where you need 25 documents signed.